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Customer Reviews & Stories

At KEAN Auto Services, we have made the care of our auto repair customers our first and foremost priority. No matter what you drive, we want you to know there is a shop you can bring your car, where you will both enjoy the high quality, friendly service you deserve.


"Excellent efficient service. Kean always confirms pricing with me before working on my vehicle. Always friendly and extremely service oriented. I would highly recommend Phil, Eric, and the team to everyone looking for an honest mechanic :-)"

- Kim C.

"Kean Auto is always great. Easy to book appointments, and they get the job done quickly. If there is ever any issue with parts or suppliers, they take care of it, which speaks to the quality of their relationships with their suppliers. Cheers!"

- Graham M.

"Kind, friendly, and efficient service. I know my car is being taken care of and I trust the advice given about future needs. I love the detailed report given afterwards."

- Chris G.

"I got a vehicle that I wasn't sure the quality of or if it was safe to drive. I got told by one mechanic that everything was fine and there wasn't one thing wrong with it. I wanted a second opinion and went here.

I told them all of the problems I was having with it and how I was nervous to drive it and wanted to know why it had been stalling on me randomly. I also told them I didn't have much money and I could only afford a 1 hr inspection and if it went over and they didn't find anything then to stop.

In that 1 hr they found the reason for everything on the list that I had been having problems with plus more ! To help they took pictures of everything so you could see the extent of the damage. These guys went above and beyond and I would recommend trusting them with your vehicle needs ! I will be coming back again for sure !"

- Sarah-Mae P.

"Awesome service! Today's my birthday and I had to deal with a flat tire on my truck. I went to Kean Auto Service and I was given a tank of compressed air to carry home.

When I returned the tank, they filled up my tire and had a look to see what the problem was, all at no charge. I am a customer of theirs and will definitely be back again. Thank you!"

- Cynthia V.

"I was able to get an appointment fairly soon and the work was done without a long wait. Staff polite and helpful. I have had consistently good work at this garage."

- Nicole W.

"I had my motorhome down to Arizona when the abs light went on. Three places down there did diagnosis but no firm results. I got back home and had Ron at Kean's look. He had the problem isolated in about 20 minutes. Eric, the Service Advisor was friendly and helpful, as was Ron, the Technician.

The invoice was for exactly the amount quoted and there was a detailed report included. The needed part is now in so I have an appointment to get it installed. These guys are Good! I will be a repeat customer, for sure."

- Nicole W.

"Wonderful family owned and operated shop. They really care to fix it right the first time, are very knowledgable and friendly."

- Delia B.

"Great mechanics and customer service. You won't go wrong going to these guys."

- Erick P.

"Kean Auto Service provides just that. Great service and with smiles."

- Ron W. G.

"They always explain what needs work in plain English so I can prioritize. I love the effort they put into my vehicle."

- Jamie M.

"Best auto service business in town. Have been taking my car to Kean Auto for many years now and I have always been happy with their service. Excellent customer service always with a smile :)"

- Paula Seymour H.

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